SGI Onyx II and SGI Octane workstations
SGI Onyx2 : visualization subsystem with Raster Manager and 256MB texture memory for up to 13 million polygons per second
SGI Octane : hardware Geometry Engine® processor, dedicated rasterization, and dedicated frame buffer memory specifically tuned for handling 3D images and texture caching memory.


Virtual Research V.8 HMD
Colour, VGA, Stereoscopic, 60° diagonal FOV head-mounted display
dual 1.3" diagonal active matrix LCDs with true VGA and Sennheiser HD25 high performance headphones.


MotionStar wireless tracker
Magnetic motion capture, with six degrees of freedom for each tracker.
Up to 120 measurements per sensor per second.

  Immersion Tech CyberGrasp
Lightweight, force-reflecting exoskeleton with five fully programmable actuators
  Immersion Tech CyberGlove
22-sensor : two bend sensors on each finger, four abduction sensors, plus sensors measuring thumb crossover, palm arch, wrist flexion, and wrist abduction. Left and Right hands.
  Immersion Tech CyberTouch
tactile feedback with six vibro-tactile stimulators: one per finger, one on the palm, fully programmable.
  Sensable Technologies Phantom Desktop
Six degree-of-freedom positional sensing with precision positioning input and high fidelity force-feedback output.
  VIVID700 3D scanning system
portable laser scanner. Captures 40,000 data points in 0.6 seconds, electronically zoomable lens, with remote turntable.

PointGrey Bumblebee cameras
two lens stereo vision camera system, 1/3 " progressive scan CCDs,
640x480 and 1024x768 color models.

  64'' Barco Baron Display
"Virtual Table" 64 inches rear projection system allowing stereo. High resolution 8" CRTs with electro-magnetic focus
  Stereographics CrystalEyes pairs
wireless, high-definition stereo glasses with active LCD shutter, up to 160 fps
with long range infrared emitter .
  Essential Reality P5 dataGlove
Lightweight, 6 degrees of tracking, with bbend-sensors (5 independent finger measurements, 0.5 degree resolution).

Audiovisual studio
Sony DSR-500WLS camera
Sony DSR-40P DCR
Sony SRP-V200 Digital mixer
Sony Trinitron video monitor
Pinnacle video-editing workstation


(1st wall expected Aug. 2006)
2.8 x 2.0m screen, 2 DLP projectors SXGA. 2500 ANSI lumen)