ITI-CERTH Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory (AVRLab)

The Informatics and Telematics Institute already exhibits substantial research activity, both basic and industry-oriented, as well as technology transfer actions, in the area of virtual, augmented and mixed realities where included modeling and simulation of complex virtual environments, haptic force feedback applied research, 3D modelling and compression, deformable objects and cloth modelling, collaborative virtual environments, new sensor development for head/hands/body tracking, multimedia analysis/synthesis, gesture recognition, head motion modelling and tracking, advanced applications of virtual/augmented/mixed reality in education and training, e-health, assistive technologies, culture, industry and e-business.

The ITI-CERTH AVRLab operates a fully operational and well-equipped Virtual Reality Laboratory that serves as a reference for augmented and virtual reality applications and demonstrations in Greece. It employs a high quality scientific group of personnel for the design, development and demonstration of advanced augmented and virtual reality applications and services.It participates in research networks with assorted institutes and industrial partners in Greece and Europe and is in the process of establishing a spin-off company, to commercially exploit the research results (already available as prototypes) of the Laboratory.