ITI-CERTH Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory (AVRLab)

4-6 July 2007 
The 1st  Peach Summer School 2007, is a 3 day summer workshop,
where attendees will share Presence knowledge and visions of future research areas on Presence.  The workshop will focus on problems and foundations regarding Presence measurement.
The 1st  Peach Summer School , aims to bring together students and junior/senior researchers from many academic and industry disciplines  to stimulate cross-disciplinary research.
Participants from Presence I & II projects are expected to provide the conceptual backbone for discussion between researchers scattered across groups worldwide.
4-6 July 2007 
Fira, Santorini, Greece
Dr Dimitrios Tzovaras
Tel.: +30-2310-464160-2 (ext. 177)
Fax: +30-2310-464164
[Organizers: CERTH/ITI-AVRLab & Peach Team]

15:17 16 January 2007 news service
Will Knight

An electronic security system that identifies people by monitoring the unique pattern of electrical activity within their brain is being tested by European scientists.

This novel biometric system should be difficult to forge, making it suitable for high-security applications, claim the researchers behind it. The system was developed by two companies - Starlab in Spain and Forenap in France - in cooperation with researchers at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, in Greece. It uses an established method for measuring activity in the brain, called electroencephalography (EEG).

EEG measurements identify the location and intensity of millisecond-long fluctuations in electrical activity in the brain via electrodes positioned around a person's scalp. This can help neuroscientists understand the function of different brain areas and may also be used to diagnose and monitor neurological conditions such as epilepsy and dementia...