Flexible Electronic Learning Environment Using Adaptive Learning and Testing Methodologies Combined with Advanced Biometrics and User Personalization Technologies

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-Mellon Technologies (GR)
-CERTH/ITI - Informatics and Telematics Institute (GR)
-Conta Lab - University of Macedonia - (GR)
-V.T.C. Diastasi (GR)
-ITeam (GR)



The FlexLEARN project aims at developing an innovative approach and demonstrate an electronic learning platform that provides flexibility, personalisation features and a secure electronic learning environment. The proposition of FlexLEARN is that the learning process needs to be adopted to the user needs and requirements, something that only a personal human tutor can ensure. Current electronic (and traditional) methods of learning are based on rigid, inflexible single track, modules that the student needs to keep up with. Furthermore, one key issue is distant electronic learning courses, the issue of identity verification in lesson and exam taking remains without a solution. This is why high profile organisations that operate far from their bases, rely on the support of the infrastructure of trusted third parties to do the examinations for them.

FlexLEARN will propose, develop, test, demonstrate and validate via field trials in an actual learning environment a platform that incorporates algorithms for learning adapted to the individual user. Furthermore the platform will be supported by advanced identification and verification technologies based on facial biometrics, keystroke pattern analysis and the use of smartcards to support the "anytime, anywhere" learning. By providing the student with a smartcard containing his individual profile, he is enabled to be authenticated and take courses while at home, at work or even on the move. At the same time the learning organisation (University, college or the employer) is rest assured that the user is the one he claims to be therefore progress of the learning process can be easily and securely monitored.