Virtual Cultural Visits
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1.Poleis interface


user interface :
- Navigation inside the virtual museum 3D space
- Chatting with other visitors
- Interaction with the virtual guides
- Choice of exhibits and examination of their properties

Member administration:
- Adding members
- Removing members
- Modifying member properties

Exhibits administration :
- Adding exhibits
- Removing exhibits
- Modifying exhibit properties
- Uploading 3-dimensional simulation file
- Positioning exhibits inside the museum

Categories administration :
- Adding categories
- Removing categories

Virtual guides administration :
- Adding guides
- Removing guides
- Modifying guide properties
- Positioning guides inside the museum

The project POLEIS (Virtual Cultural Tours) led to the development of an integrated information system which supports the efficient collection, storage, organization, administration and representation of cultural elements.
These cultural elements refer to various topics of greek productive and cultural activity, as for example a museum's exhibits.
The POLEIS platform supports the creation of virtual communities and especially virtual museums.
The users can connect to the virtual museum and move within the three-dimensional simulated space of the museum, observing exhibits, as they would do at a real museum.
The users can observe avatars of other users that are visiting the museum, talk to them exchanging opinions and ideas, create their personal collections of favorite exhibits, exchange items from their personal collections etc.

The platform also supports virtual guides who undertake the user's tour through the museum's halls and its exhibits. The virtual guides are programmed and have extra capabilities of text-to-speech synthesis. So, every guide can move trough the museum and talk to the users attending him.

The platform also includes a special system administration unit with extended capabilities for efficiently managing, extending, maintaining and modifying the virtual museums.

The users logging on to the system are provided with an integrated interface. This interface includes the virtual museum room, the visitors' chat, and a special area in which information is displayed about the various exhibits the user selects.

The users, while navigating inside the virtual museum, can examine the exhibits using the desired view angle and detail, as depicted at the image on the right. The users can also create their own personal collection of exhibits. Furthermore, they can exchange exhibits from their personal collections with the other users.